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Bartram Trail Regional Library System offers books, maps, notecards and other items pertaining to local history and regional interest for sale. Please enclose a personal check or money order for the total cost of your order + $4.00 shipping & handling per item with your written request and mail to:

Mary Willis Library
204 E. Liberty Street
Washington, GA 30673


African American Experience

Education in Wilkes County, Georgia from 1922 to 1970

Agrarian Arcadia

Anglo-Virginian Planters of Wilkes County, Georgia in the 1850s

Alive as Long as He Lived

The Story of John William Fanning

All This Hell

Appointed to Tell

Beulah's Heritage of Hospitality

A cookbook

Ceded Lands

Records of St. Paul Parish and Early Wilkes County, Georgia

Cluster of Jesse Mercer

Cooking With the Daughters

Deadly Trust

Devil's Inbox

Educational Survey of Wilkes County

A Family Secret: A Novel

Flight into Oblivion

Forbidden Island


Forbidden Island


Guide to William Bartram's Travels

Hammett Family in Georgia

Heroes of Kettle Creek, 1779-1782

Hills of Wilkes County, index

(older editions were not indexed)

History of Wilkes County, Georgia

Images of America, Washington, Georgia

Indexes to We Have This Heritage and No Jubilee

(Wilkes County, GA, histories)

Journal of a Georgia Woman 1870-1872

Last Days of the Confederacy in Northeast Georgia

Life and Times of Judge Junius Hillyer

My Story: An African-American Woman's Journey to the Mission Field

One-Armed Cook

Printer Lady

Reflections of South Carolina

Supplement to: The Wilkes County Papers (1773-1889)

The Campaign Diaries of Two American Enemies

Unsung Heroes of Wilkes County, Georgia

Volume 1

Vanishing Sites of Old Wilkes

War Time Journal of a Georgia Girl