Library Services

Bartram Trail Regional Library System offers programming for children and adults to supplement and enhance the resources provided by library collections.

Unless otherwise indicated, all programs require registration in advance and are available to the public free of charge. Available programs and services vary from library to library.

Library Card

Obtaining a Library Card is Easy!

Library cards are free to all residents of Georgia. Persons who attend school, own property, or are employed in Georgia are eligible for a free PINES card. Patrons of both PINES and non-participating Georgia libraries may receive a PINES card. Users from non-participating Georgia libraries shall have the same privileges as PINES users. PINES cards are valid for two (2) years. All applicants for a library card must complete and sign an application form, available at any library's circulation desk. Signing a PINES application denotes acceptance of responsibility for late returned, lost, or damaged materials. For more information, see eligibility for library cards.

Children's Programs

Children's programming throughout the system includes story time, puppet shows, arts & crafts workshops, and special events like Read Across America, Vacation Reading Program, and annual children's tea parties.

The Bartram Trail Libraries offer age-appropriate story times for children preschool age and older. Story Times are stimulating, interactive and fun! They feature stories from books, stories to act out, puppet shows, songs, flannel board stories, videos and arts & crafts sessions.

Story Time is available system-wide throughout the year, but schedules vary from branch to branch. For more information, visit or contact your local branch.

Formerly known as Summer Reading Club, the state of Georgia's new Vacation Reading Program encourages children and young adults to read for fun even when school is out! Program participants read to earn fun rewards, attend story time and craft programs, and enjoy special events like kick-off day parties and awards programs.

For more information, visit or contact your local branch.

March 2 is the birthday of beloved children's book author/illustrator Dr. Seuss! Each year, libraries, schools and families across the country celebrate by taking the time to share a book with a child. Our libraries are proud to offer special events for children of all ages during this momentous annual event.

For more information, visit or contact your local branch, and don't forget to visit the Read Across America home page and!

Since 1997, Bartram Trail Regional Library System's annual tea parties have enchanted children age 4-10 at the Mary Willis and Taliaferro County libraries. Party-goers come dressed in all their finery for a traditional afternoon tea, parlor games and pastimes tailor-made to evoke the leisure activities their grandparents and great-grandparents might have enjoyed at the turn of the last century.

Tea parties usually take place during the winter or spring and feature a new theme every year! In the past, children have enjoyed Valentine's Day Tea Parties, Wonderland Tea Parties, Teddy Bear Tea Parties... what kind of tea party is next? Visit or contact the Mary Willis Library for more information.

Computer Services

Computers | Wireless | EBooks, Downloadable Audiobooks & Streaming Video | Databases

All branches have computers that allow access to the following:

  • Internet
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet & presentation software
  • GALILEO (Georgia Library Learning Online) a statewide network of subscription databases at

Examples of some of these databases include Learning Express Library offering tutorials, practice tests such SAT, ACT, GED and other tests along with a Job and Career Accelerator. Mango Languages, through Galileo, offers online learning of over 60 languages. Other databases offer magazine and newspaper articles, full text, directories, and more.


How do I sign up to use a library computer?
The library requires a PINES library card to log into a library computer. You must use your own library card. Do not borrow someone else's or lend yours out. Guests from out of state may acquire a guest pass at the circulation desk.

Can I print?
Yes, it is $.10 a page to print with black and white only.

Can I download files?
You may download files to a removable storage device, such as a flash drive. Some branches have flash drives available for purchase.

Is staff available to help me on the computer?
Staff cannot provide extended one-on-one instruction, but can often suggest appropriate programs or resources.

Can children use the Internet at the library?
Yes, as long as the legal guardian has provided signed permission for child to use the Internet.

Does the library filter its computers?
The Library complies with the federal Children's Internet Protection Act and uses a content filter to block access to sites that are in violation of the Library's Internet Use Policy. If you are 18 or older, you may choose to have the filter disabled temporarily, should it interfere with your ability to do research.

Can I check my email from a library computer?
You may use library computers to check your email account.

Can I access Galileo from home or my office? You can access most GALILEO databases from your home or office computer. You will need your library card and PIN. The Ancestry Library Edition database is available through Galileo but can only be accessed at the library.

Where do I go to get Ebooks and Downloadable Audiobooks?
You will need to go GADD Georgia Download Destination and login with your library card number and pin.


The Bookmobile is the traveling branch of the Bartram Trail Regional Library. It serves Wilkes, Taliaferro and McDuffie Counties. The "rolling library" books for people of all ages.

Bookmobile stops are made in rural and residential communities; and at Pre-Ks, day care centers, nursing homes and other institutions. The Bookmobile is on a monthly schedule.

The Bookmobile staff will help you locate any book you would like to read. If the book is not on the Bookmobile, the staff will try to bring it to you on the next visit. New Bookmobile stops can be requested by calling Beth or Dianne at 706-678-7736.

Bookmobile Monthly Schedule:

  • Taliaferro County: The first Tuesday(following the first Monday) of each month
  • Wilkes County (City of Washington and out towards Lincolnton): First Wednesday (following the first Monday) of each month
  • Wilkes County (Rayle and Tignall areas): Third Wednesday of each month
  • McDuffie County: The first Thursday (following the first Monday) of each month and the third Thursday of the month

Important Things to Remember

  1. Anyone who checks out books from the Bookmobile must have a Pines card on file with the Bookmobile. This card may be used on the Bookmobile only. Not in the other Libraries.
  2. Children under 18 must have their parent's or guardian's signature on their application.
  3. You must live in the area of the Bookmobile stop to check out books.
  4. Keep your book in a safe place.
  5. Be sure to return your books on time. Returning books on time will allow you to check out others.
  6. There is no fine on overdue books checked out from the Bookmobile. However, if a book is lost or damaged, you will be responsible for paying full cost of a replacement.
  7. When visiting the Bookmobile return the books you have read before choosing new books.
  8. After you select new books, take them to the desk and check out before you leave the Bookmobile.
  9. If you cannot come out to the Bookmobile, the staff will check out books and bring in to you.
  10. For persons who can no longer use books, the Bookmobile has forms to fill out from the Talking Book Center. We will help you fill out and mail these forms.

Voter Registration

All public libraries in the state of Georgia offer voter registration to U.S. citizens with the proper identification. All citizens who wish to register to vote must do so in person. Please visit or call your local library for more information.

To register to vote, find polling locations, view sample ballots, and more online, visit Georgia's My Voter Page.

Distance Geneology

Bartram Trail Regional Library System possesses an extensive local history and genealogy collection. Researchers are welcome to place genealogical reference requests in writing via email or through the U.S. Postal Service. Unfortunately, library staff cannot take reference questions over the phone. Please make all written requests as specific as possible. There may be a modest fee for photocopies and postage.

Contact Mary Willis Library in writing for information about genealogy and local history in Wilkes and Taliaferro Counties.